December 8, 2007

CPA Marketing: Selling Your Public Accounting Service to More Business Clients

CPA marketing is literally the easiest advertising and marketing process out there. Perhaps, there are more business clients today who need proper accounting and auditing for their firms than the number of available CPAs (Certified Public Accountants). However, CPA marketing needs to first address the needs of the business clients and then inform them that you provide the service they seek.CPA marketing is easy, but it doesn't come without effort on your part. More and more businesses today look for accountants who can take charge of all of the financial management aspects of the business, including bookkeeping, tax returns preparation, and investment and expansion advice.Effective CPA marketing is possible only with presenting your accounting firm as a holistic solution for all of the financial management needs of the business.Another option for CPA marketing is going niche. That is specializing in any one area and become the authority in that area. This is the most practiced CPA marketing tactic, especially in the markets that are dominated by large accounting firms.The first step in CPA marketing is to clearly tell your prospective clients about the ways in which they will benefit. Tell them in a clear fashion about the steps you would take to enhance their business activity. Your marketing material must clearly talk about your competencies and the benefits of using you as their accountant.An important point is never to assume that your prospective customers know everything about what a CPA does. Explain to them clearly that you will take actions A, B, and C for results X, Y, and Z.Always make sure you have an extensive list of prospects, before you set out on CPA marketing. A list of 100 prospects is just fine, although more can give better results. One of the first steps in CPA marketing is that you should never forget to make a list of prospective business partners, even if you are leading a one person accounting firm.CPA marketing is an ongoing process. Ensure that all of your existing clients and prospective customers receive the newsletters that you publish once every three months. Your newsletter must talk about the ways in which your accounting firm is already helping businesses do better.Advertising for CPA marketing is also an efficient method, especially if you make your ad visible in publications that your clients and prospects read. Run the ads on a consistent basis, at a higher frequency than your newsletter publishing. Once a month is fine, but the advertisement must talk about at least one area in which your customers would benefit by using your accounting service. A plain listing of your business name with contact information is not enough.Direct networking with prospective clients through networking events and business conferences also is an excellent method of CPA marketing. This could probably be the most efficient method of CPA marketing.Another option is that you can try is to identify the business publications where you can publish an article, in your name, and with your logo. If you do this on a consistent basis, businesses will start to notice you. When you pitch your service to them on a later date, they are more likely to accept your offer.Today you can't ignore the power of internet. Make a simple website to advertise your product and get a page at all of the different tools available to you in the most creative way, and make your CPA marketing stand out from the crowd.
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