December 10, 2007

Customer Relationship Management For Businesses

No matter what business you're in, unless your customers are happy, you won't succeed, and this is why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is so important. More important than sales, or marketing, or any other part of the company that wouldn't survive without customers; yet customer relationship management is still low on the priority list of so many companies today.To know how to maximise your businesses potential, you need to know what your customers are thinking. After all, if you feel that your customers are happy because profits up, it may have more to do with your recent price rise, as opposed to them actually buying any more. Additionally, if you have a change in personnel, is this going to affect a relationship with an existing customer?This is where good management skills come in. If the result of a salesperson leaving means your company is going to lose business from a particular client, you can stay one step ahead of this by smoothing the waters with that particular client, assuring them their service won't suffer accordingly.Depending on the size of your company, you will obviously have different priorities and goals. A small company, for instance, may be focused on building its existing client base, whereas a larger company may have its priorities in expanding globally.But without a strong existing and loyal customer base, these plans and ideas would simply be that - plans and ideas, difficult to implement with the current climate. However, by using customer relationship management, you can ensure that you have a strong customer base to build from. After all, the best form of advertising is still word-of-mouth; keep your customers happy, and you'll soon see your business grow.Since Customer Relationship Management is all about customer relationship management, the good thing is that is can be used in so many ways, and it isn't limited to just the service side of your company. No matter what department you use Customer Relationship Management in the options are endless:- Sales teams can see what sales opportunities weren't closed, and determine the reason for that to improve upon the next time- Accounting can see what accounts were closed, and use the feedback from customers to try and win them back and ensure that whatever the problem was is not repeated- Customer services can make better use of their time by identifying why a certain problem customer is continuously having problems, and come up with a solution to that problem
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