December 8, 2007

Fashionably Pregnant

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting moments of a woman's life as she anticipates the coming of the bundle of joy silently having a slumber in her womb. While being pregnant would mean losing your 36-24-36 figure that you have been working hard to maintain at, it doesn't mean that you still can't look fashionably chic and stylish. Having a bulging stomach should not stop you from still showing off your curves. In fact, many even find fashionable pregnant women to be very sexy looking.When you are pregnant, comfort should always be on top of the list when it comes to the outfits that you will be wearing. You are carrying some extra load so it is important that you are comfortable to move around. It is advisable for you to remain wearing your normal clothes for the time being when you can still fit in them. Your tummy actually wouldn't start to grow bigger in size until the second trimester. Sure, the idea of being able to purchase new clothes for your pregnancy seems exciting but then buying at the early stages would just result in these clothes to be too small for you to wear when your stomach begins to grow big. If you do decide to purchase new clothes, it is suggested that you buy a size or two larger to give allowance and you should only buy a few. Reserve your purchases for the second and third trimester of your pregnancy.Even if you are pregnant, you are not restricted to the clothes that you could wear. Of course, try to avoid too tight fitting clothes that may cause some discomfort. Try showing some skin and maybe even some cleavage (your breasts get larger when you're pregnant). A short skirt can flatter the look of a pregnant woman. Try snug fitting blouses and dresses for a change from the loose fit maternity blouses of previous years.You may be changing the size of your clothes but your sense of style should remain. Always have your signature look even if you have a bulging stomach. A pregnant woman should just have these basics: a dress, stretch and loose pants and comfortable tops. You don't have to be scared of losing your fashion sense when you get pregnant for you can definitely find a lot of stylish preggy clothes. Stay beautiful even if you are pregnant.
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