December 7, 2007

How to Eliminate the Frustration from a Small Business Owner

If you are the owner of the small business company you always have heaps of work, regarding your company finances. The fact is there and still do you need to go to the professional to take the stress off your shoulders?Visiting with your personal accountant is similar to going to your dentist. Time is money; the longer you delay your visit the more it will cost you.First you need to know how to set up your business and to consider advantages and disadvantages of every business entity (LLC, Partnership or C Corporation, etc).You can spend many hours away from your business learning about entities on your own or you can hire a specialist who saves you time and gives you qualified advice on how to protect your hard-earned money. But any way you are the specialist in your business, and to be competitive in your field you need to invest a lot of time. At the start, most of the entrepreneurs work in average of 12 hours a day. In addition to your business can you learn everything about accounting and then handle it? Most likely the answer is no. Your business' finances are vital for your success, and your needs are unique. At the Me My Money and I, we take your individuality seriously, focusing on your business' special situation and needs.To make the right financial decisions for your company, you need Financial Statements; Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Statement of Cash Flow for every month of the business activity.All of them are concerning to the company financial reports. What do you know from these financial reports are briefly described below.From the Balance Sheet reports know what your company owns and what does it owe. Other words, you know your company resources and obligations of your company.From the Income Statement reports you know the economic performance of a company for the given period. Other words, you know your gross and net income.From the Statement of Cash Flows reports you know the amount of cash generated and consumed by a company through the following three types of activities: operating, investing and financing.The statement of Cash Flows is the most objective of the financial statements because it is somewhat insulated from the accounting estimates and judgments needed to prepare a balance sheet and an income statement.Real world and real understanding of your company finance goes beyond numbers on a page to show to a small business owner how accounting and bookkeeping come into play in your company. Without good bookkeeping service you can not plan ahead (business planning), get organized, stay informed on the financial matters of your company, avoid costly mistakes, reduce costs and save time. Why do small business firms fail? Not always because of competition but because of lack of financial information. You are making money, but where do they go to? What is the main outsourcing of your finance? The right answer gives you a huge benefit for your company.Other benefits you are getting if you go to a professional accountant are the ability to focus on your core business, getting organized, staying informed, avoiding costly mistakes, reducing costs and saving time and improving your cash flow.And one more great benefit is the good timing because all these benefits work only if performed in the right time. Timing is the key to your business's success. With the help of a qualified bookkeeper and accountant you will have it under control and making the most profit.Running a successful business takes more than just hard work but also making sure your hard work is profitable. Good record keeping provides you the solid foundation needed for excellent business growth.Your company's reliable financial information eliminates the frustration from your small business company and your financial reports become the powerful tools for surviving in today's business world.
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