December 5, 2007

Investment Club Accounting Software: 3 Popular Titles Reviewed

One of the most important positions in an investment club is relegated to the one controlling the money; the treasurer. To this end, the proper tools are needed to ensure that every facet of the financial structure of the investment club is covered. The way in which to properly handle this role is to use investment club accounting software. Let's start by taking a look at three of these software products and their functions. Club Accounting is the leading investment software available today. Currently priced at $219.00 for non members; and $189.99 for members; this software allows the treasurer to provide assistance with club accounting software issues, as well as regular updates to the software necessary to keep current with tax laws. Helping investment clubs track their finances, this user-friendly software helps to understand your club's finances, print reports, share graphs of club performance with other club members, and prepare club taxes. Utilizing their wizard, this software is one of the most popular in its use and effectiveness. Club Accounting Online offers full partnership accounting features, plus features designed to make being part of an investment club easy and fun. Data interchange with Club Accounting 3 for Windows is designed to be seamless. It is recognized as a robust and secure online suite of investment club tools. Its features include a private, personalized club website. It also handles full investment club accounting which is editable only by authorized officers; fourteen detailed performance reports that are viewable by any registered club member and is protected by industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for security.Along with multiple levels of access, end-of-day and historical stock quotes, a 20 Mb file storage area and more, the one year subscription is a popular option. Priced at under $70.00 it includes unlimited telephone and online customer support. Yet another popular and well known software used for investment clubs is Quicken. Reasonably priced from around $72.00, Quicken is probably the most famous kind of financing software available. Financing software allows the treasurer or secretary to keep track of expenses and income for the group as a whole and for individual members. Such investment club software is a useful way to make sure that each and every person involved is actually participating by contribution and attendance.A third option is provided by Association Manager. They provide a full online solution for the administration of front and back office tasks for investment clubs. Back-office tasks include enrollments, renewals, event registration, badge printing, payment collection and database management. They also provide real-time reports on membership, event registrations, attendance, collections, and other facets of an association's day-to-day operations. Check their service online to determine cost and membership fee.Most investment club accounting software products are available online. Now that you now what to expect, continue to compare and ask questions so you can choose the most user-friendly software; one that is designed especially for your investment club's needs.
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