December 5, 2007

Managing The Financial Aspect Of Your Serious Home Business

Financial management is one of the biggest pitfalls for people who are actively engaged in a serious home business. Even if your have chose a good home business you may have no idea on how to manage your business financially, you will most likely end up losing a lot of money. Since you cannot afford to waste your money, you better shape up and take care of your finances early on. It will not really do you any good if you just keep working on your business not really knowing if you are making enough money to compensate for your efforts.Getting startedThe first thing that you need to do to get your financial systems in place is to open a separate bank account for your business. A lot of home business owners keep their personal funds together with their personal accounts that they end up drawing money, which should have been for the business and vice versa. The practice of mixing up your personal funds and the funds for your business is very dangerous because you will not have much control over you business and personal finances. By opening separate bank accounts for your business and for personal use, you will be able to manage your money better.Aside from setting up a separate bank account for you business, you must see to it that you also set up a separate funds for your business expenses. Since you are working form home, try to separate all the expenses that are related to your business from your home expenses. For instance, your business phone should be paid by money coming from your business account. You might also want to bill your business for utilities and rent. You can do this by setting a certain amount every month for utilities and rent then take this amount from the business account. Out of your business earning, you might also want to set up a certain amount, which you can draw out as your salary. The good thing about setting a certain amount of money every month as your salary is that you will be able to determine if you are indeed making enough money to pay for all your business expenses and at the same time pay yourself for your efforts. Make sure that you only draw-out the extract amount of money from the business for your salary. Even if your business is doing well and you have plenty of money in the business account, do not be tempted to draw more than you should. Keep the money in the business account for future use. You might want to expand your home business later on. At the end of the year, you might want to give yourself a bonus. If you have been religiously following your own rules regarding your finances, you will be surprised at how much money you will have left in your business account at the end of the year.
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