December 10, 2007

Web Hosting Explained: What Does It Do

Communication has evolved into different channels and one of the most commonly used and for a fact abused is the World Wide Web. This system of communication collectively connects all computer networks all over the world unto one giant community. E-commerce sites, social networking sites, video and picture sites, and etc. are just some of the capabilities of a community of networked computers or the so called web.The World Wide Web has been dubbed as the most efficient form of communication because of it ability to be interactive. Selling has never been the same. This can be a virtual retail store with a world wide clientele with just a minimum cost on the store space (web host). It is easier and cheaper for companies to reach out to their existing clients by putting in a Customer Relations Management Site or a CRM Site which can ask feedbacks and answer basic support questions for their products. In return the company can be appreciated more because of their after sales support which means more satisfied clients, more repeat buyers.To achieve this wide and vast array of information, these data are put into computers that hold the information 24/7. These computers are the so called host. For website owners, they transmit, arrange and keep the data of there website here. The process of putting the data unto the host computers is uploading. The host computers or the host servers as some would call it ensure that the data of an uploaded site can be viewed at any time of the day whole year round with minimum downtime. Having a network structure that can host the data is not an easy job since the server and the connection should have an optimum run time to accommodate as many viewers as possible.Basically the host server allocates an Internet Protocol address. These are a set of four arrayed numbers with a maximum of three digit number per array. This serves as a sort of "plate number" for the website. When a certain website is called upon by a viewer, this is the number that the web looks for and retrieves the data for the activity.The web server provides a business to business type of service where companies, individuals or communities rent a space on the server which the web hosting company is sort of the landlord. The web hosting company then has the task to do its duty by keeping its server up all the time and insuring an up to date software management for the server. The company is responsible for the connection of the websites that they host in their server to the web of servers and search engines around the world.
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