December 5, 2007

Find an Enrolled Agent for the Best Assistance in Tax Preparation

An Enrolled Agent can represent you before administration regarding tax matters such as audits, collections, and appeals.What is an Enrolled Agent?An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a tax practitioner who has expertise in tax preparation and is authorized by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).Enrolled Agents are authorized to advise and prepare tax returns for individuals, companies, estates, trusts, or any tax paying entity. The IRS authorizes a person to be an EA only after stringent tests and background checks.Enrolled Agents are required to undergo a continuous education program. They must attend 72 hours of continuing professional training every three years in order to maintain their status as Enrolled Agents. It requires patience, determination, and perseveration to attain the status of an Enrolled Agent and to retain that status. There are only 46,000 Enrolled Agents in the whole country.What is the difference between an Enrolled Agent and an Attorney?It is only the Enrolled Agents that regularly prove their competence before the IRS. All EAs specialize in taxation and they are the only true tax payer representatives authorized by the federal government. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and attorneys too are licensed, but by states.Enrolled Agents also have a client privilege albeit on a controlled level. This privilege allows confidentiality between a tax payer and an EA. It is applicable to EAs bound by the Department of the Treasury's Circular 230 regulations.If you are a tax payer, you may want to get assistance from professionals bound by the highest professional and ethical standards, and who pass the stringent qualification requirements set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).There are only 46,000 active Enrolled Agents in all of the fifty states. The easiest way to find an Enrolled Agent based on your specialization requirement and close to your location is to use an Enrolled Agents directory.Getting assistance from an Enrolled Agent ensures that you will have perfect standing before the IRS. An EA will look into the matters of fair taxing. Since the IRS requires stringent adherence to professional standards, you can get tax preparation services or representation that meets the highest professional has an extensive listing of Enrolled Agents which will allow you to quickly find a federally-authorized tax representative to handle your taxes and represent you before the different administrative levels of the IRS.Here you will find a comprehensive list of accounting and tax professionals. This simple-to-use website is the best place to find accountants and Enrolled Agents for all of your tax and accounting needs.Who can use this directory?Any individual tax payer, small business owner, corporation, estate owner, business owner, trust, partnership, or other entity that is bound by tax reporting requirements can make use of this directory.This is a search-based directory that allows you to find tax practitioners by entering the city, state, and/or zip code. Using is free for tax payers. Accounting and tax practitioners listed in the directory pay a fee. A visitor can quickly find an Enrolled Agent in his or her city.
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