December 5, 2007

If You Are Considering A Career In Accounting There Are A Lot Of Choices

Accounting careers open the door to an entire world of options. You can choose from many different types of careers and opportunities. And once you settle on which career or opportunity you'd like to pursue. you have a world of options for which company you want to work for. Hence, you have variety in what you do and where you do it. Regardless of the wide amount of diversity in where to work and what to do, most accounting careers do hold one thing in common: as a general rule, they keep track of what the company makes and spends.This is the starting foot for where you decide to go (accounting holds opportunity for job advancement). You may even decide to stay where you're at, but there usually is room for advancement. As you pursue this advancement, you gain more and more responsibilities. As you gain more responsibilities, you acquire new titles!Titles are sometimes interpretive, as they can represent different jobs from one end of the spectrum to the next. For instance: an accounting clerk could mean anything from somebody who is a filing clerk (which means somebody who files documents pertaining to accounting), to a receptionist (who does the same similar types of tasks).With all the talk of career advancement, you may be wondering what some options are. Staff Accountant, Controller, and CFOS are more predominant accounting careers, though there are many more beyond just them.Staff Accountants jobs vary based on company size. If the company is smaller, they generally have the Staff Accountant perform a variety of tasks. They keep record and track of activities done day-to-day. They also may apply cash to invoices, pay the company's bills, and bill customers. If, however, the company is larger, they generally have clerks do much of the above-mentioned work, in which case, the clerks give the results to the Staff Accountant to be further reviewed.Controllers generally oversee the entire accounting department. The Controller also makes sure tax information is accurately completed, sometimes with help with other accounting departments. They do this, and make predictions based on the history of the accounting records and on how well the company will do.The Corporate Financial Officer or, "CFO" oversees the accounting department, and sometimes the finance department.There is so much room for advancement when choosing a career in accounting from being a Staff Accountant, a Controller, or a CFO that pursuing accounting is a very wise choice. Even if you decide not to further advance your career, a stable career in accounting may just be right up your ally. With all this in mind, you will wonder why you did not consider accounting sooner.
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